Volunteer at the Theatre

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Volunteers are an important aspect of the Heritage Theatre! Our Volunteers contribute thousands of hours per year volunteering for all Theatre events. Join the fun of our Volunteer Program and if you contribute enough Theatre Volunteer hours, you will be eligible for the City of Campbell’s Annual Volunteer luncheon, the Theatre Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and all other Theatre Volunteer activities.

Your Volunteer Application will be processed by the City of Campbell and our Volunteer Coordinator will set up a full orientation at the Theatre. Orientations are generally held quarterly.

If you would like to Volunteer for the Heritage Theatre, or if you need additional information, please email MarshellaS@campbellca.gov or call 408.866.2791. The full application is available for download at the link above.


All Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Application. Applicants will be contacted after the application has been received and reviewed and an orientation for a future date will be set up at that time. All Heritage Theatre Volunteers are considered City of Campbell volunteers. All hours will be counted toward the City’s Volunteer Program in addition to the Heritage Theatre.

Please read over the requirements and details in the Volunteer Application. If you are able to manage these requirements, we welcome your assistance. Our Volunteers’ contribution of time and energy are an important aspect in the operations of the Heritage Theatre. Volunteers help to provide our patrons with a positive theatre experience. 


Some of the duties of Theatre Volunteers include the following: ushering, ticket taking, greeting patrons, assisting House Managers. Please remember that you are here to serve our patrons’ needs. If you would like to watch a particular performance, we suggest that you purchase a ticket to ensure you will enjoy the entire performance. 

  • Be alert for any disturbance or emergency
  • Direct patrons to restrooms
  • Perform a light clean up after the show
  • Set examples of good Theatre etiquette
  • Enjoy the benefits of teamwork
  • Take the extra step to provide excellent customer service
  • Assist as needed with special events
  • Follow instructions from the House and Theatre Management