Campbell Priority Development Area (PDA) Enhancements Project 2022

(Updated April 11, 2023)


The project locations include Civic Center Drive, Orchard City Drive, and Campbell Avenue between Winchester Boulevard and Civic Center Drive (West).


The Campbell PDA Enhancement project will develop pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements including accessibility ramps, curb extensions, sidewalk installation, traffic calming (e.g., lane narrowing, flashing beacon systems), signal modifications, sharrows, crosswalks, bike striping and signs, and guide signs. Currently, this project has funds only for the Design phase.   


The project is currently in the design phase. The City has hired a consultant, Bellicci & Associates, Inc., to provide civil engineering and traffic engineering design services for the project. 

  1. Background
  2. schedule

In October 2021, the City Council authorized staff to resubmit a One Bay Area Grant Cycle 2 (OBAG 2) grant application for the Campbell PDA Enhancements Project.  In November 2021, the VTA Board approved reprogramming OBAG 2 funds toward this project.  In March 2022, staff learned that both Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) had approved programming of federal funds toward the Design phase of this project.  

The Project will improve livability, economic vitality, and sense of place by providing more pedestrian-friendly routes that will help guide Downtown visitors to safer, shorter walking paths.  The project will use complete streets best practices like designing for all users (multiple transportation modes like walking, biking, and transit; accessible ramps for persons with disabilities).  The project will serve pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders.