Measure O - Background

Primary goals of the Measure O program are to build a new police operations building with 9-1-1 dispatch and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that would withstand natural disasters, and a safe, energy-efficient library that would meet earthquake and fire building codes.

The general scope of the Measure O - Civic Center Improvements were identified as priorities through the following Civic Center Master Plan efforts:

  • Reviewing the existing Civic Center East Master Plan, Library Needs Study, Heritage Orchard Study and the Campbell & Historical Museum Strategic Plan;
  • Performing a community needs assessment that includes an evaluation of both current and projected needs for Library and City Hall space;
  • Developing a vision for the Civic Center complex;
  • Adopting guiding principles for the development;
  • Performing an analysis of relocating the existing Historical Museum or constructing an annex within or adjacent to a new   library building that could provide additional exhibit space and display space for agriculture artifacts;
  • Assessing the parking implications of larger buildings and evaluating the feasibility of providing additional parking & including a parking structure – for the Civic Center complex;
  • Addressing needs for replacing the City’s EOC as part of a new library or other component of the Civic Center complex;
  • Holding at least one Community Meeting and make presentations and solicit input from Library and Museum stakeholders, including the Civic Improvement Commission and Historic Preservation Board; 
  • Providing two or more Civic Center complex conceptual layouts with accompanying development strategies; 
  • Formulating a recommendation with an associated development (phasing) plan and an associated financing plan which would identify the costs of each development phase; and Identifying revenue options for funding the construction associated with this Master Plan.