Community Development

Community Development:

550 – Administration

  • Upgrade permit tracking system to create greater efficiencies and increase performance in permit processing

552 - Policy Development

  • Complete update to General Plan and Housing Element 
  • Complete update to Zoning Ordinance implementing objective residential development standards, zoning standards for updated general plan and housing element, and conformance with state laws 
  • Begin work on Climate Action Plan (Spring 2023) 

554 - Building

  • Update Building Code to incorporate new state provisions regarding Electric Vehicle Charging and Photovoltaic Systems   

557 - Housing Assistance

  • Implement short term improvement plan to Housing Program 
  • Identify broader BMR Housing program upgrades needed in association with Housing Element implementation 
  • Prepare nexus studies to consider modifications to the City's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and creation of a Commercial Linkage Housing Fee to support Affordable Housing production

559 - Code Enforcement

  • Complete upgrades to Code Enforcement program implementing new enforcement tools and funding mechanisms