Public Works Department

701 - Administration

  • Manage and implement Measure O design process and subsequent related work; complete design of Library and Police building projects and initiate public bid process 
  • Work jointly with the City Manager’s, Finance, and Police Departments to confirm Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment (FFE) needs for new the Public Safety building and sufficiency of State grant funding. LEAD DEPARTMENT – Public Works 
  • Represent Campbell in long range regional transportation planning efforts - Envision Silicon Valley and Plan Bay Area 2050 process
  • Complete wireless regulations for use of right-of-way in coordination with the Legal Services Department  
715 - Environmental

  • Coordinate and support efforts to implement the requirements of SB 1383
  • Complete RFP and installation of water bottle refill stations in City Hall and City parks
  • Coordinate and support the RFP process for the new solid waste franchise agreement
  • Provide support to the West Valley Clean Water Authority when implementing the regional storm water MRP 3.0 
  • Assess, recommend, and implement means by which the City can enhance its Water Conservation Efforts
720 - Traffic Engineering

  • Review and consider revisions to the City’s Traffic Calming Policy
  • Manage, design, and Implement traffic calming improvements
  • Apply for and manage grant funds as provided through VTA and other granting agencies
  • Manage the construction of the Citywide ITS Enhancements Project
  • Manage, design, and Implement bicycle and pedestrian enhancements and safety improvements 
  • Support Community Development in the Envision Campbell General Plan and Housing Element Update effort
730 - Engineering

  • Implement the Annual Street Maintenance Program
  • Complete construction of the Campbell Park improvements
  • Complete construction of the Harriet Avenue Sidewalk project
  • Manage and implement all other approved Capital Improvement Projects
  • Complete Standard Plans, Specifications, and Details for Public Works Construction
  • Review applications and issue permits for small-cell wireless projects
  • Maintain streetlight inventory and assist with street lighting needs for projects

740- Land Development/Environmental Programs

  • Review development proposals for compliance with the reissued Storm Water Municipal Regional Permit (MRP 3.0), including necessary updates to the Green Infrastructure Plan
  • Review and approve land development projects for compliance with City policies, adopted plans, and City standard plans and details, and identify associated improvements on public rights-of-way. 
745 – Maintenance Administration

  • Support volunteer events such as Keep America Beautiful and Campbell Garage Sale
750 – Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Services

  • Complete approved vehicle & equipment purchase and lease acquisitions

760 – Street Maintenance

  • Complete Maintenance Zones 13 &14 removal and replacement of City-owned displaced sidewalks, curb and gutter
  • Complete all approved Capital Improvement Projects, including the John D Morgan Parking Lot Renovation, Retro Reflectivity Sign Replacement, and all City facilities

770 – Signals and Lighting Maintenance

  • Complete installation of new Traffic Signal Cabinet at intersection of Bascom Ave and Apricot Ave. [Operational Need]
  • Complete installation of an advance grid smart camera for the intersection of Creekside Dr. and Northbound (NB) Hwy 17 offramp
775 – Parks Maintenance

  • Complete Maintenance Zones 13 &14 structural tree trimming
  • Implement water conservation strategies including turf and irrigation controller upgrades for the Community Center and sports fields
780 – Building Maintenance

  • Complete the installation of a new Edwards Fire Alarm Panel and 4 sub-panels at the Campbell Community Center
  • Complete first year of scheduled re-roofing projects at the Campbell Community Center Buildings. 
  • Collaborate with the Finance and Recreation and Community Services Departments to prepare a facilities condition assessment and identify Citywide deferred maintenance issues to address in future Capital Improvement Plans (CIP); using consulting services to assist in the assessment as necessary. LEAD DEPARTMENT– Public Works 
  • Complete the acquisition and installation of a new Traffic Signal and Lighting Modular Building at the Service Center