Historical Museum Exhibitis

Rotating exhibits in the Campbell Historical Museum focus on four themes: Work, Recreation, Home Life, and Community.  Our current displays are:

Discover the transition of work in the Santa Clara Valley from Canneries to Computers. Why did the Valley transition from industrial agriculture to high tech, who were/ are the workers, and what was/ is the work life like?
Campbell Sports: Record Makers/ Barrier Breakers
 Come explore athletes from Campbell who helped to shape the community.  This exhibit focuses on some of the many amazing people who have made records and broken barriers and helped to put Campbell on the map!
Home Life recreates a Victorian parlor full of functional objects intended to delight and inspire.  A prosperous Campbell resident of the late nineteenth century sought out beautiful design in everyday items including tiles, chairs, fabrics, and furniture.
Campbell's first general stores were a vital part of commerce in the this bustling nineteenth century town.  Artifacts and photographs in the exhibit tell the story of early general stores and their roles as places of business, but also as a Community gathering place.

Also on view: Rauch & Lang Electric Automobile

Rauch and Lang in RestorationThe electrically powered automobile, built in 1919 by Rauch and Lang Carriage Company of Cleveland, Ohio, was donated to the museum by Jeanette Watson in 2001.  Volunteers from History San Jose’s Trolley Barn spent over 2,000 hours retoring the vehicle to its original glory.  Only a handful of Rauch and Lang electric coaches exist today.  The Campbell Historical Museum is excited and honored to display such a rare vehicle.

The Rauch and Lang electric coach was originally designed  and marketed to upper class ladies, as it was considered to be safer and cleaner then the gas-powered vehicle, which required a crank start. Starting a gas-powered vehicle could be dangerous if the car recoiled, and there was the distressing possibility of soiling gloves and dresses with engine grease.  In addition, the interior created the illusion of a traveling living room, complete with richly upholstered seats that swiveled, silk shades, and a vase for freshly cut flowers.