Measure O - Civic Center Improvements

(Updated August 22, 2022)


  • Campbell Civic Center, Campbell, CA 95008
  • 70 North First Street, Campbell, CA 95008
  • 77 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008


Since 2013, City staff, consultants and a Project Core Team have identified desired facilities and program scenarios in the Civic Center Complex and conducted building structural assessments. The program and space needs for the Police Department and Campbell Library were identified as the highest priorities for the City through the Civic Center Master Plan efforts.  A $50,000,000 general obligation bond measure (Measure O) was placed on the November 6, 2018 general elections ballot to fund a new police emergency operations center and improve the library.  Measure O was approved by the voters by 69.5%.

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

The primary duties of the  Oversight Committee are to review expenditure reports produced by the City to verify that bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure O.

On November 6, 2018, City of Campbell voters approved Measure O with a ‘Yes’ vote of 69.5% by the citizens that voted in the General Election.  Bonds issued pursuant to Measure O will generate approximately $50 million to construct and/or renovate City facilities to house Police and Library services.  On August 5, 2020, the City issued the first series of Measure O Bonds at a premium of $23.1 million; $3.1 million over their par value.  A second (and final) series of Measure O Bonds for $30 million is anticipated to be issued in August 2022.  


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The Project is in the final design and permitting stage. In the next few months, we will request City Council’s approval of construction plans and specifications and authorization of staff to solicit competitive bids from the list of prequalified contractors for both Projects. When the plans and specifications are approved, we will inform the list of prequalified contractors of the availability of the approved plans and specifications in addition to the bid opening date and time.

August 22, 2022 - Staff is reviewing the RFQs received for the Construction Management and Inspection Services for both projects. 

July 25, 2022 - Public Works received, reviewed and evaluated prequalification proposals from the prospective contractors for the Police Operations Building Project. Seven contractors were prequalified to bid.

July 5, 2022, - The  City Council adopted two Resolutions authorizing the issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Construction Management and Inspection Services and Authorizing the City Manager to Award Consultant Service Agreements for both projects. Resolution 12861 was adopted for the Library Renovation Project, and Resolution 12863 was adopted for the Police Operations Building Project. The RFQs were advertised on The City's website and on The closing date for the RFQs is August 22, 2022.

June 17, 2022 -  Public Works received, reviewed and evaluated the prequalification proposals from the prospective contractors for the Library Renovation Project. Four contractors were prequalified to bid.

In May and June, 2022 respectively, Requests for Prequalifications for general contractors for The Library Renovation and the new Police Operations Building were advertised on the City's website and

March 21, 2022  -  Public Works applied for a California State Library Infrastructure Grant for the Campbell Library Renovations project. The goal of the State Grant is to help library facilities throughout California address fire safety and critical maintenance projects. In July 2022, the State asked for additional information from all applicants on specific major outputs of the fire and safety improvements, and critical maintenance to better evaluate the grant applications. On July 29, 2022, the City provided the required information including a revised grant amount of $4,718,450. 

At the August 17, 2021 Council Meeting, the City Council approved the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Measure O Improvement Project. The City of Campbell provided a 20-day public review period of the Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to CEQA guidelines.  The 20-day public review period occurred from July 21, 2021 to August 10, 2021.  The Notice of Intent (NOI), the draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), the Initial Study (IS), and the Notice of Determination (NOD) are all available at the links below.

Notice of Intent (NOI)
Mitigated Negative Declaration
Initial Study
Notice of Determination

Please contact Public Works Engineering at (408) 866-2150 or with any questions. 

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Police Department and Campbell Library programs and space needs were identified as high priorities for the City.  The project to address these needs are referred to as the Civic Center Improvements.

On July 17, 2018, the City Council authorized a $50M general obligation bond measure (Measure O) to be placed on the November 6, 2018 general elections ballot to fund the Civic Center Improvements (Council Resolutions No. 12344 & No. 12345, City Ordinance No. 2235.)  Campbell voters approved the Measure O by 69.5%.

Primary goals of the Measure O program are to build a new police operations building with 9-1-1 dispatch and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that would withstand natural disasters, and a safe, energy-efficient library that would meet earthquake and fire building codes.

The general scope of the Measure O - Civic Center Improvements were identified as priorities through the following Civic Center Master Plan efforts:

  • Reviewing the existing Civic Center East Master Plan, Library Needs Study, Heritage Orchard Study and the Campbell & Historical Museum Strategic Plan;
  • Performing a community needs assessment that includes an evaluation of both current and projected needs for Library and City Hall space;
  • Developing a vision for the Civic Center complex;
  • Adopting guiding principles for the development;
  • Performing an analysis of relocating the existing Historical Museum or constructing an annex within or adjacent to a new   library building that could provide additional exhibit space and display space for agriculture artifacts;
  • Assessing the parking implications of larger buildings and evaluating the feasibility of providing additional parking & including a parking structure – for the Civic Center complex;
  • Addressing needs for replacing the City’s EOC as part of a new library or other component of the Civic Center complex;
  • Holding at least one Community Meeting and make presentations and solicit input from Library and Museum stakeholders, including the Civic Improvement Commission and Historic Preservation Board; 
  • Providing two or more Civic Center complex conceptual layouts with accompanying development strategies; 
  • Formulating a recommendation with an associated development (phasing) plan and an associated financing plan which would identify the costs of each development phase; and Identifying revenue options for funding the construction associated with this Master Plan.