Social Service Subgrants

The City of Campbell Social Service Subgrant Program provides grant funds to support community agencies that offer programs to serve Campbell residents. The programs fulfill a critical need that is not already provided by the City through an existing program or service. The Social Service Subgrant program provides funding for two years and applicants must specify the requested funding per year in their application.  

The application period is now closed.  Check back again in December 2025 for the next two-year application cycle.  


The Civic Improvement Commission (CIC) is the lead advisory body to the City Council on social services. Specifically, the CIC is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on allocating the City’s Social Service Subgrant funds to qualified community agencies via a competitive application process. The CIC reviews Subgrant requests, holds public hearings, and makes funding recommendations to the City Council. The City Council, in turn, provides authorization for Social Service Subgrant allocations in the two-year budget cycle approval process. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Program demonstrates the community need or problem to be addressed by the proposed project.
  • Program serves and benefits Campbell residents.
  • Program serves an at-risk population.
  • Program does not duplicate a service already provided by the City.
  • Program shows a positive and measurable impact for the community.

Funding Guidelines

  • The CIC will manage the Social Services Subgrant allocation based on the budget approved by City Council.
  • During the two-year funding cycle the City reserves the right to reduce funding levels should the City’s operating budget be constrained.
  • Performance Reports are required annually and reviewed by the Commission.

Staff Contact: 
Diana Johnson
Recording Secretary