Campbell Park Improvement Project

(Updated September 21, 2021)


638 E. Campbell Avenue and Gilman Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008


This project will renovate and expand amenities at Campbell Park by replacing aged play equipment and under capacity restrooms with new playgrounds and larger restrooms. It will also provide for new safety surfacing for the playgrounds. 


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In 2014, the Public Works Department systematically evaluated the condition of all twelve City parks. That effort culminated in the preparation of the Parks Maintenance Program Asset Management Plan (Asset Plan) which was presented to Council in November 2015. The Asset Plan identified park facilities in need of repair and prioritized repair recommendations based on safety considerations, maintenance of aging facilities, and public input.

Several of the top priority facilities requiring more significant improvements were associated with Campbell Park located at the southeast corner of East Campbell Avenue and Gilman Avenue. These include the child play area equipment and the restroom facility. Safety inspections were also conducted that confirmed the Asset Plan recommendation to replace play equipment, and also noted that safety surfacing was in need of replacement.

This project will focus primarily on renovation of the tot and youth play areas, as well as the restroom facility, to address deficiencies identified in the Asset Plan. The specific renovation scope will be guided by the outcome of a public outreach effort and input from the Campbell Parks and Recreation Commission and the City Council. The intent is to develop a unique and exciting design that addresses community needs and can be completed within the space available.