Capture Campbell! Campbell Youth Photo Contest


The Civic Improvement Commission is excited to announce that the Youth Photo Contest will be launched from March 1 thru December 31*.  We invite all youth (reside or attend school in Campbell) to participate in this contest and show residents what Campbell looks like through our youth’s eyes . . .

Three age groups:

◾ Ages 10 & under
◾ Ages 11 – 14
◾ Ages 15 -1 8

Three themes/categories:

◾Outdoor/nature (i.e. scenery, trees, flowers, sunrise)
◾Campbell Life (capture things that residents do - read, bike, shop, laugh, play, dance)
◾ Architecture (i.e. buildings or details of a home or building, bricks, bridges)

For more details, please click on this link for website

*Youth Photo Contest was extended from June 30 to December 31, 2022.