How do I turn in unwanted firearms and ammunition?

Below are the guidelines on how to safely turn in your firearms and ammunition:

1. You MUST be a resident of Campbell to turn in firearms and ammunition to CPD. 

2. Place the firearm in your trunk. The Department prefers your firearms to be unloaded. We ask that you do not try to unload the firearm if you do not know how. Let us know if the gun is loaded or unloaded. 

3. Drive straight to the police station at 70 N. First Street, Campbell, CA 95008. Do not stop anywhere else beforehand. 

4. Leave firearm(s) and ammunition in the trunk and proceed to the CPD reception counter. DO NOT BRING ANY FIREARM(S) OR AMMUNITION INTO THE STATION 

5. Notify a Records Specialist of the weapons you would like destroyed. 

6. A call will be created for an Officer to safely remove the items from your vehicle’s trunk. 

If you are not a Campbell resident, reach out to your local police department or gun range for information on turning in firearm(s) and ammunition. For any questions about the program call (408)866-2121.

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