Traffic Engineering

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The Traffic Engineering Division manages the city’s surface transportation system to achieve safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles within and through the City of Campbell. The Traffic Engineering Division is responsible for evaluating and implementing new traffic control devices (such as signs, pavement striping, and traffic signals), monitoring traffic operations on City streets, and overseeing the City of Campbell’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC). 

For information on the City's Traffic Calming process, please see the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program page. 

 The Traffic Engineering Division welcomes public input on traffic operations and safety issues. Should you wish to relay your concerns to the Traffic Engineering Division regarding these issues, please call the Traffic Engineering Division at (408) 866-2150 or send an email. Please be specific in the information you give on the phone or email, such as indicating the times of day or days of the week that certain incidents occur and the direction of travel involved. The Traffic Engineering Staff will investigate these service requests by performing the appropriate traffic engineering surveys.

Traffic Signal Problems

Please view the signal listing and contact the appropriate jurisdiction listed for the corresponding intersection.

Church Signs

Please view our Church Sign Guidelines for information on Church signage.

Engineering Services

The Traffic Engineering Division provides the following services at the rate shown below. If you are interested in pursuing these services, please contact the Public Works Department at (408) 866-2150.


Service Fee 
Truck Permits
$ 16.00 per trip 
No Stopping - Tow Away Signs $1 each

Light Rail

For service requests involving the Vasona Corridor Light Rail, please call the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Operations Control Center at (408) 546-7688.