What is your behavior policy?

In order to provide all participants with a safe and positive camp experience, we have developed the following behavior expectations and code of conduct. All campers shall: - Behave in such a way that does not endanger, intimidate, or interfere with the participation of others. - Use respectful and appropriate language. - Stay with their group within the designated camp boundaries. - Respect the feelings, safety, and privacy of others. Guidelines are for the benefit and protection of all. Violations may result in immediate removal from camp

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1. How do I register?
2. When are the registration deadlines?
3. What is your Federal Tax ID Number?
4. If the activity is full, is there a waitlist?
5. What does my child need to bring? Not to bring?
6. What is the staff to child ratio?
7. Is there before and after care?
8. What if I am early? What if I am late?
9. What if my child has allergies?
10. What if my child needs medication?
11. What if my child is sick or unable to attend camp?
12. Do you prorate camps?
13. How are kids transported for field trips?
14. Do you offer Financial Assistance?
15. What if my child has Special Needs?
16. What is your behavior policy?