CPD Statistics

In 2021, the Campbell Police Department had a total of 31,666 service incidents. The vast majority of our police officers' interactions with the public do not result in use of force. During the total number of service incidents, less than 6% resulted in arrests and only 0.14% resulted in use of force.

2021 Use of Force in Perspective

Part 1 Crimes

2021 Part 1 Crimes: 926 thefts, 237 burglaries, 90 assaults, 33 robberies, 13 rapes, 1 homicides.

Part 2 Crimes

2021 Part 2 Crimes: 438 Drug, 193 vandalism, 149 fraud, 202 DUI, 166 drunk in public, 21 sex offense

Part 1 Crimes By Year

Part 1 Crime Per Year

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Crime Map

Explore the City of Campbell crime map through CityProtect. CityProtect.com is an online mapping and analysis service provide by Public Engines, Inc. Crime data is extracted on a regular basis from the Police Department’s records system so that the information being viewed through a Web browser is the most current available. This data is generalized by block and not all crime types are reflected on the map to protect victim anonymity.