Firearm Safety

If you own a firearm, it's important to learn and understand how to safely operate your firearm. We would like to remind all gun owners of these basic gun safety rules to follow.

  1. Treat all firearms NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE as if they are loaded. Always assume that a firearm is loaded even if you think it is unloaded. If you are unable to check a firearm to see if it is unloaded, leave it alone and seek help from someone more knowledgeable on firearm safety.

  2. If ever in possession of a firearm, keep it pointed in the safest possible direction. Always be aware of where a firearm is pointing. A "safe direction" is one where an accidental discharge of the firearm will not cause injury or damage.

  3. Keep your finger off the firearm trigger. No trigger can be pulled if you keep your finger outside of the trigger guard. Even though it may be comfortable to rest your finger on the trigger, it is also unsafe. If you are moving around with your finger on the trigger and stumble or fall, you could inadvertently pull the trigger. Sudden loud noises or movements can result in an accidental discharge because there is a natural tendency to tighten the muscles when startled.

  4. You must know what is around the firearm target area, its surroundings, and beyond. When you fire a firearm, you may not know what is behind what you are shooting. Be aware that bullets not only can miss their intended targets, but can also pass through the intended target. You could strike someone standing behind or near the target.
  5. If you decide to own a firearm, its important you learn and understand how it works. Know how to properly operate your firearm and how to manipulate its mechanical characteristics

  6. Not all firearms are mechanically the same. Never assume that what applies to one make or model is exactly applicable to another.

  7. Store your firearm safely and securely to prevent unauthorized use. They should be stored unloaded in a locked container, such as a California-approved lock box or a gun safe

  8. Firearms and their ammunition should be stored separately. Your firearm should be stored in a different location than its respective ammunition. For maximum safety you should use both a locking device and a storage container.

  9. Use a California-approved firearms safety device on the gun, such as a trigger lock or cable lock, so it cannot be fired.

  10. Never carry a firearm while consuming alcohol or drugs.

Free Cable Locks For Handguns

Free cable locks for handguns are available to all community members. Please come by our police department and ask our front desk for a cable lock. *Do not bring your gun to our police department.*

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Additional Firearm Safety Resources

Firearm safety. Treat all firearms as if loaded.
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Firearm Safety. Store firearm securely.
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