Historic Preservation Board


Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00 PM unless otherwise posted to the City's agenda calendar. Meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chambers located at Campbell City Hall, 70 N. First St., Campbell, CA 95008. Members of the public may also attend meetings virtually via Zoom at http://campbellca.gov/HPBsignup. Video recordings of the meetings are posted to the City of Campbell YouTube Channel at https://youtube.com/user/CityofCampbell.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 

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  • Todd Walter, Chair, October 2023  
  • Susan E. Blake, Vice Chair, October 2026
  • Mike Foulkes, Board Member, October 2025     
  • Rob Corteway, Board Member, October 2025
  • Laura Taylor Moore, Board Member, October 2026


The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) is a five-member advisory body that is appointed by the City Council to recommend measures to implement historic preservation; administer the applicable provisions of Chapter 21.32, (Historic Preservation Regulations); perform other advisory functions as delegated; and review new policies affecting historical resources in the community. As part of these duties, the HPB reviews applications affecting a historic resource (e.g., additions and alterations) and makes a recommendation to the decision making body (e.g., Community Development Director, Planning Commission, or City Council) on whether the application should be approved, approved with recommended conditions, or denied. A recommendation to deny would generally only be made when an applicant does not agree to the recommended conditions of approval.   

What can I expect at a Historic Preservation Board (HPB) Meeting? 

Only matters posted on the agenda can be heard. The procedure for public hearings is as follows: 
  • Staff will provide a description of the agenda item.
  • HPB members may ask questions of staff regarding the agenda item.
  • The Chair of the HPB will open the meeting for public comment on the agenda item.
  • The applicant may give a brief description of the agenda item or answer HPB questions.
  • Any member of the public can provide comments on the agenda item (3 minutes maximum).
  • After all public testimony is received, the Chair will close the open comment period and turn it over to the HPB for an open discussion (no more public comments will be taken once the comment period is closed).
  • The HPB will consider all related documents and testimony, discuss the agenda item, and then either make a decision/recommendation, continue the matter in order for additional information to be presented, or take the matter under advisement as applicable.
 To review more about Historic Preservation in the City of Campbell, please visit our Historic Preservation webpage.