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Weed Abatement Program

The Santa Clara County Department of Agriculture and Environmental Management and the City of Campbell are working together to protect our community from fire. The purpose of the Weed Abatement Program is to prevent fire hazards posed by vegetative growth and the accumulation of combustible materials.

The Weed Abatement program is entirely funded from fees charged to residents if the County contractor must perform weed abatement work on the property or, if the property is not in compliance with Minimum Fire Safety Standards (MFSS) when it is first inspected by the County in the spring. Properties that fail the initial inspection will be charged an inspection fee, even if the resident completes the weed abatement. Properties that meet and maintain the MFSS will not be charged.

Program staff annually inspect parcels at the beginning of the fire season, which is typically in March or April. If the parcel is not in compliance at the time of inspection, the property owner will be charged an inspection fee, and the owner will be sent a courtesy notice as a reminder to abate the weeds. If the weeds are not abated by the property owner, the work will be completed by the County contractor. The property owner will pay a fee equal to the contractor’s charges plus a County administrative fee. All fees will be included in your property tax bill.

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