Neighborhood Watch Information

Neighborhood Watch

We have found that when neighbors share information and commit to keeping an eye on each other, they can be very successful at helping us deter and catch criminals. Neighborhood Watch Groups were developed to encourage residents to work together to prevent crime in their neighborhood. 

Getting Started

Step 1:

Start talking to your neighbors about the need for a Neighborhood Watch Group. Survey how many residents would be willing to participate in reducing crime in your area.

Step 2:

Discuss the best time, day of the week, and the ideal location for your neighbors to meet.  Your group can also delegate a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain to be a liaison between the group and the Police Department. The meeting can be held at the home of a member or somewhere outside your neighborhood such as a library, church, community hall, or park. 

Step 3:

Reach out to the Campbell Police Department to attend one of your first meetings. You can do so by sending an email to with information about your new neighborhood watch group and your Block Captain’s contact information. 

Step 4:

Discuss the concerns and issues in the neighborhood and create a plan on how to work towards lessening the impact. 

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  Neighborhood Watch Overview
  How to start a Neighborhood Watch Program - Checklist
  Neighborhood Watch Manual
  Prevent Auto Burglaries Brochure
  Important Phone Numbers
  Who to Call
  Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch
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You might also want to check out and   You can also follow us on Twitter @CampbellPolice.