The pool will be open for the rest of today's programming. The pool will continue to be open as long as the AQI remains below 150. Should the AQI reach 150 or above, we will close programming immediately. We will continue to monitor the air quality index and provide updates on our website and banner catalog. We encourage you to check local AQI reports to make the best decision for your own health. Please check out and for more information. Refunds will be issued for all missed programming. Thank you for your understanding.
Check out our new program times and schedules below! You can register for all aquatic classes and programming, HERE!

Fall Activity Guide

The Fall Activity Guide is available online. Registration begins on August 8th and 9th. 

Campbell Community Pool 

The Campbell Community Pool is an outdoor 25-yard pool by 20-yard pool featuring eight lanes. The pool depth is 3.5 feet at the shallow end and 9 feet at the deep end. The pool temperature is kept at 80-82 degrees year-round by solar and gas heat. Lap swim equipment, including kickboards, pull bouys, and noodles are available for use. Swimmers can also bring their own equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys, snorkels, noodles, and fins. For more information about our different programming, check out the different sections to the left!

The Campbell Community Pool is open year-round except for scheduled maintenance times, unexpected weather, and the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, 11/23/23-11/24/23, 12/21/23-1/1/24

For pool closure updates, please follow our catalog:

Pool Hours (September 4-December 21)

Days of the 
Week (Age)
Swim Times
General Lap Swim
Mon-Fri (18+)6:00-8:00am, 
7:50-8:40pm (15+)
Sat, Sun (15+)8:00-9:40am
Private Lap 
Swim Lanes
($7.50/30 min session, $11.25/45 min session, $15/60 min session)
Tues & Thurs (18+)8:05-8:35am
(30 min) 
 (30 min) 
8:05-9:05am    (60 min)
Mon-Fri (18+)8:45-9:15pm
Water ExerciseMon, Wed, Fri (18+)8:30-9:30am
Sun (18+)11:00am-12:00pm
Aqua AerobicsMon & Wed (50+)10:00-11:00am
Tues & Thurs (50+)9:45-10:45am
Wave 1 Swim Team
($125 R, $135 NR)
Mon-Fri (5-18)3:30-4:00pm
Wave 2 Swim Team
($135 R, $145 NR)
Mon-Fri (5-18)4:05-4:50pm
Wave 3 Swim Team
($145 R, $155 NR)
Mon-Fri (5-18)4:55-6:05pm
Wave 4 Swim Team
($155 R, $165 NR)
Mon-Fri (5-18)

Pool Rules

  1. All adult chaperones must pay gate fee even if they are not swimming.
  2. Follow Lifeguard instructions at all times. 
  3. No one is allowed in the pool unless a Lifeguard is present.
  4. Walk - Don't Run - on the deck at all times.
  5. Use pool ladders and stairs to enter and exit the pool. Recreation Swimmers may enter through the stairs or ladders, but can exit by the stairs, ladders, or by using the wall. Lap Swimmers may enter and exit through the stairs, ladders, or by using the wall.
  6. Non-swimmers and weak swimmers should stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  7. All life jackets must be checked by a lifeguard when entering the facility. Only US Coast Guard approved life jackets allowed.
  8. Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool. No denim or cotton clothing allowed.
  9. Only swim diapers are allowed in the pool. 
  10. No diving allowed anywhere in the facility.
  11. No breath-holding games or swimming lengths under the water allowed.
  12. No pushing or shoving patrons into or in the water, carrying patrons on shoulders, or hands around the neck.
  13. Please do not hang on the lane lines.
  14. All swimmers must pass the swim test twice in order to swim in the deep end during Recreation Swim.
  15. No food or beverages allowed, except water.
  16. No alcohol, drugs, or glass containers allowed anywhere in the facility.
  17. Please report any problems, safety concerns, or injuries to the nearest Lifeguard. We are here to listen and help.

Cancellation & Credit Policies

General Lap Swim, Beginning Masters, Wave Swim Team, Recreation Swim, Lifeguard Academy, Junior Guard Training, Swim Lessons Programs:

  •  All cancellation requests must be requested in writing five (5) business days prior to the start date of the swim time/class. The amount will be credited to your account. The credit will be applied to your next purchase of any reservation or program enrollment. No credit will be given for cancellations made less than five (5) days prior to the swim time/class date.

Private Lap Swim Lanes: 

  • You may cancel your own reservations up to five (5) days prior to the private lap swim reservation date and receive a full credit to your account (with no added charge). The credit will be applied to your next purchase of any reservation or program enrollment. No credit will be given for cancellations made less than five (5) days prior to the reserved lap swim date.

Gentle reminder that for General Lap Swim and Recreation Swim you can sign up as you're walking to the pool rather than ahead of time to avoid the cancellation policy 5 day restriction.