Recreation Swim

Recreation Swim ends on 8/6/23. We will see you back for the 2024 season!

The Campbell Community Pool features one 20-yard by 25-yard outdoor pool divided into shallow and deep ends for all swimmers to enjoy. Locker Rooms and showers are available for use, but please bring your own lock if you are interested in securing your items. On deck, we have lounge chairs, pool chairs, tables, and more. Check in with our front desk at the gate to learn more!

Pool Rules

  1. All patrons must check in with the front desk staff when they arrive for Recreation Swim.  All patrons in the facility, even if they do not plan on getting in the water, must pay $2.50. Children 2 and younger swim for free.  
  2. Lifeguards will announce 15 and 5 minute warnings for the end of the swim block as well as at time. All patrons must get out of the pool by the end of the swim block. 
  3. All life jackets must be checked by a lifeguard when entering the facility. Only Coast Guard approved life jackets allowed. If you are wearing a life jacket, you must have a parent/guardian in the pool. Limited number of lifejackets will be available to use. 
  4. All patrons must enter through the stairs or ladders, but can exit by the stairs, ladders, or by using the wall. No diving allowed anywhere in the facility. 
  5. No breath-holding games, swimming lengths under the water, pushing or shoving patrons into or in the water, carrying patrons on shoulders, hands around the neck, or hanging on the lane lines. 
  6. No running on the pool deck. Please walk. 
  7. No food or beverages allowed, except water.  
  8. No alcohol, drugs, or glass containers allowed anywhere in the facility 

Please remember Safety First. 

All swimmers newborn to age 12 must be accompanied by an adult (18+ yrs) in the facility at all times. Swimmers newborn to age 7 must also have an adult (18+ yrs) within arm's reach in the pool at all times if they have not passed the swim test twice. Swimmers newborn to age 7 that have passed the swim test twice, do not need to have an adult (18+ yrs) in the pool with them, but still be present in the facility. Any swimmers between 8-12 yrs are welcome to swim in the shallow end without an adult, but need to pass the swim test to swim in the deep end. All swimmers 13+ yrs are welcome to be in the facility by themselves, but will need to pass the swim test to swim in the deep end. Please remember that even if your children have the unlimited swim pass, if they are under 12 they will need a parent or grownup in the facility who will also need to pay $2.50 per swim.

Only US Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets are allowed in the pool.

An aquatics staff member will check each jacket when you arrive at the pool. Limited lifejackets are also available to borrow while swimming.  

Pool Toys

  • Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool. No denim or cotton clothing allowed.
  • Noodles and Pull Buoys are only allowed for water exercise in the deep end.
  • Kickboards, Fins, or Mermaid tails are not allowed in the pool.
  • Goggles that cover the eyes and nose are allowed. Snorkel breathing masks are not allowed.
  • Volleyball-sized balls or smaller that are meant for the water are allowed in the pool. Small beach balls are ok.  
AgeCan I swim in the pool alone?Can they be in the pool alone wearing a lifejacket?Can I be in the facility alone?Can I swim in the deep end?
Newborn-7 yrsNo, unless they pass the swim test twiceNoNoYou must pass the swim test first
8-12 yrsYesNoNoYou must pass the swim test first
13-17 yrsYesNoYesYou must pass the swim test first
18+ yrsYesYesYesYou must pass the swim test first

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    Aquatics Specialist
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    Campbell Community Center
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    Monday - Friday
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