Pool Rules

  1. Follow Lifeguard instructions at all times. 
  2. No one is allowed in the pool unless a Lifeguard is on duty.
  3. Walk - Don't Run - on the deck at all times.
  4. Do not hang on the lane lines.
  5. Use pool ladders and stairs to enter and exit the pool
  6. Non-swimmers and inexperienced swimmers should stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  7. All life jackets must be checked by a Lifeguard when entering the facility. Only US Coast Guard approved life jackets allowed.
  8. A swim test may be required in order to swim in the deep end.
  9. Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool. No denim or cotton clothing allowed.
  10. Only swim diapers are allowed in the pool
  11. No diving allowed.
  12. No underwater breath-holding games allowed.
  13. No pushing or shoving patrons into or in the water, carrying patrons on shoulders, or hands around the neck.
  14. No food or beverages allowed, except water.
  15. No alcohol, drugs, or glass containers allowed anywhere in the facility.
  16. Please report any problems, safety concerns, or injuries to the nearest Lifeguard. We are here to listen and help.
Have a safe and enjoyable time at the Campbell Community Center Pool!