Planning Counter

The Campbell Planning Division is pleased to offer drop-in counter services at City Hall and by-appointment services, online and in-person. This page explains the scope of our services and our availability. Whether you need to a remove a tree or are interested in developing a property, we look forward to helping you!

Drop-In Services

Monday - Friday: 

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

In-person counter services are offered on a drop-in basis to assist in routine inquiries, such as the following. You may also contact us at (408) 866-2140 or  If you have questions of a more non-routine nature, or would like a planner to conduct a preliminary review of plans, please schedule an appointment with a planner.

  • What setbacks, height, Lot Coverage, and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) standards apply to your property.
  • How to submit a Planning application through the City's online permitting platform, including submittal requirements. 
  • Understanding the rules governing ADUs and JADUs.
  • How tall and where a fence or a wall can be.
  • Whether a proposed business requires a Conditional Use Permit.
  • What subdivision standards apply to proposed lot splits.
  • How large and how many signs your business can have.
  • If you a need a Tree Removal Permit to remove a specific tree.
  • How to use SB-9 (Senate Bill No. 9) to facilitate a two-unit development and/or urban lot split.
  • The size and usage restrictions for accessory structures, such as workshops, outdoor kitchens, and trellis coverings.
  • Where a swimming pool can be placed on the property.
  • How much and what type of landscaping is required for specific properties.

By-Appointment (Virtual/In-Person) Services

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:  

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (routine)

Monday: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (non-routine)

Thursday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (non-routine)

We also offer appointments to discuss both routine and non-routine inquiries, as well as to conduct a preliminary review of plans prior to formal submittal. Appointments are limited to 30-minutes and may be scheduled as either an in-person meeting held at City Hall or virtually using Microsoft Teams (see this User Guide for assistance).

Routine Inquiries: Please schedule an an appointment on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday to discuss a routine inquiry or to have a planner conduct a preliminary review of plans for an ADU or single-family home (new construction or addition). At this time, the City is only offering routine, in-person appointments on Wednesday. Otherwise, Tuesday and Friday routine appointments are available virtually only

Non-Routine Inquiries: To discuss a non-routine inquiry, such as the following,  or to have a planner conduct a preliminary review of plans for a commercial, industrial, multi-family, or mixed-use project, please schedule an appointment on a Monday or Thursday.

  • Whether a Variance from a development standard is warranted.
  • How to proceed with a Planned Development proposal.
  • What development and land use standards apply to new commercial, industrial, multi-family, or mixed-use project.
  • If a General Plan or Zoning Map Amendment is required for a project proposal.
  • Land Use or architectural changes at The Pruneyard.
  • The limitations and restrictions that apply to designated historic buildings.
  • The types of operational standards and restrictions that may apply to a Conditional Use Permit application.

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