1. When will my street be resurfaced?
  2. What is the process for getting my sidewalk repaired?
  3. What are the rules regarding placing storage containers in the public right of way?
  4. Do I need an encroachment permit for a debris box to be placed in the public right of way?
  5. How can I request an accessibility ramp to be installed at the corner of my street?
  6. Who is the city’s garbage provider? Who do I call to begin garbage / recycling / organics service? My garbage, recycling, and/or organics were not picked up. Who do I contact?
  7. What is the city’s recycling program?
  8. When will my organics cart be picked up?
  9. I need to dump some large items that are at my home. What can I do?
  10. What can go in the garbage and what can never go in the garbage?
  11. How do I report someone pouring substances into the storm drain? Who do I report illegal dumping to?
  12. Why is there only one company who can provide dumpsters / debris boxes / roll off bins for Campbell residents and businesses?
  13. What is considered Household Hazardous Waste? How can I dispose of this hazardous waste? Who do I contact about household hazardous waste drop off locations?
  14. What is the proper procedure for draining my pool?
  15. I have questions about the tree in front of my house. Who do I contact?
  16. Who do I contact to trim or remove a city street tree?
  17. Who do I contact to trim or remove a private tree?
  18. There is a pothole in my street. Who do I contact to fix it?
  19. Where do I report damaged or missing signs?
  20. There is a significant ponding in the curb and gutter area. What can I do?
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